Close your eyes and start to drop ~ Rhythm & Poetry

Close your eyes and start to drop ~ Rhythm & Poetry

She keeps me warm

It keeps me warm

The coffee tastes sweeter

The sunrise looks deeper

My eyes fall sleeper

No word, but Im sure you get it

Just like the breath that needs no understanding, no backing or theoretic

Just a deep inhale, and a slow exhale

At the pace of a snail

And the flow of a whale

There is no pass, there is no fail

Following the footsteps set

The aboriginal trail

Left for us to lift

The dust out of the school systems

Shake them up

Make them different

Bring in, a breath of fresh air

And have all the kids listen

Then hold space for them

No advice given

Just a passing of wisdom

A sight, a vision

A youth riot to inner decisions

My mind like yours

Sometimes in collision

With my heart that speaks softly

And surges with aliveness

And a deep seated peace

A slice of joy

A taste of freedom

A new sense of clarity

That can make a difference

To the ones so patient to sit in it

Close your eyes and start to drop

Breath deepens when you stop

Mind settles from the lolipop

The colour’s of life keep us running over the top

Until we rest

Until we flop

~ Bodhi



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