Meet the man behind ‘Coconut Groove’

Meet the man behind ‘Coconut Groove’

You know how coconut water has become a craze? A long time before this refreshing drink straight from the coconut hit the market, I was sipping them in Cairns, during surf trips to Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Rarotonga. I couldn’t get enough of this magical water…and now it’s confirmed that we will have an endless supply for our East Coast Tour (and hopefully beyond) plus some exciting ideas to bring to life.

A lot of people have something to say about ‘coconut water’ that you can buy in a can or carton. But a lot of us aren’t experts in the field. So we thought, let’s launch with some wisdom straight from the horses mouth.

Meet David. The Founder of Coconut Groove (based on Sunshine Coast) interviewed by Bodhi.

So David let’s get straight into this,

Why you drink coconut water? I love the taste of it. As a drink I love that it is not over sweet or carbonated.

Do you have any facts about coconut water that make it remarkable? It is the only naturally sterile plant liquid and is close in structure to human blood plasma which made it possible during the second world war for medicos to use it for transfusions direct from the coconut to the patient when blood stocks for transfusions were low or non-existent.

In the Pacific Islands (and elsewhere) the coconut provides food, drink, housing material including roofing, the husk of the mature brown coconut is teased out to make a strainer for making coconut milk (it is used similarly to the way a westerner would ring out a tea towel.) Shredded mature coconut flesh is placed in the centre of the teased out coconut husk and rung out. This squeezes out the coconut milk. In the villages hot stones from a cooking fire are placed in the container of coconut milk to produce coconut cream. In the Pacific Islands the coconut palm is generally regarded as the tree of life.


What would be your top 3 Coconut water benefits?
1) Natural thirst quenching rehydration without additives

2) Energy replacement and replenishment of electrolytes during periods of extreme physical and mental stress

3)The nutritional value in coconut water curbs my appetite, reducing my tendency to overeat. (I love food)

Now tell us about where your coconuts are grown and how they are organic but not certified? Coconut Groove coconuts are grown in Thailand. As a horticulturalist for over 40 years I am very interested in the growing of the coconuts and regularly spend time in the plantations. No sprays of any kind are used, no artificial fertilizers are used, fowl manure is the only fertilizer. All processes including planting, pruning, weeding and picking are all accomplished by hand. The only mechanical equipment used is the high-sided utilities transporting the picked coconuts from plantation to cannery.

Personally I think organic certification is overrated and in many cases an excuse for wholesalers and retailers to push their selling price up, increasing their profit margin. Organic certification does not guarantee quality, it only purports to guarantee the product was grown in a chemical free environment.

So Coconut Groove is actually my favourite coconut water on the market, but why would you personally buy Coconut Groove over any other coconut water? The superior taste and quality of premium grade Coconut Groove sets it apart from the plethora of inferior grade brands on the market, many of which, particularly the lower priced brands are made from inferior cooking grade coconuts and are diluted with up to 20% water. From the large number of coconut waters on the Australian market, Coconut Groove is the leader of the few premium grade coconut waters available. When I taste brands other than Coconut Groove, the quality or not is easy to pick.

cool, now lets go a bit deeper.

What makes you personally come ALIVE? Challenges. The bigger the better. Currently my main challenge is to be involved in helping educate people into better nutrition. I believe the nations spiralling out of control medical costs would be drastically reduced if people cut the majority of crap food from their diets, started eating fresh foods, eliminate or drastically reduce additive adulterated highly processed foods and exercise more. Often a change of diet from processed food to fresh food will allow people to wean themselves off medication or reduce it.

I personally can’t wait to get out of bed early in the morning to get into my hour and a half of kayaking and cycling, that brings me alive and energizes me for my working day.

I believe: Australia is at the forefront of the healthy lifestyle revolution, however the new direction will not be easily won as both commercial interests and government bodies are very resistant to change. (as are many people)

Our world needs: Borders and boundaries to come down with multiculturalism in every country, then the fear many cultures have of cultures with different values will break down and people of different values, skin colours and religions will be accepted.

People fear what they do not understand. Fear is the most psychologically and physically crippling of all emotions.

So what does Breathe Project and Coconut Groove have in common? The desire to educate people into a healthier and fitter and lifestyle, which can lead to peace and fulfillment.

Now when I met you, you spoke passionately about a new product in the making. Can you give us any hints? Not at this stage of development except to say it is another of my challenges I have been working on for the last 18 months and will be a healthy alternative to additive adulterated products currently on the market.
Thanks David, stoked to have you on the Breathe Project mission as a proud sponsor,

We will wait patiently for your new product to hit the stores,


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