Why we don’t approach any schools?

Why we don’t approach any schools?

So how does this work?

1) You register your school (as a parent, teacher or local).
Within moments sitting in your inbox will be the Breathe Project Info Pack

2) Print out and hand this into your school or email directly to the principal (or guidance officer).
Using these simple words “We need this in our school”. Proving to be a very successful approach.

3) Follow up after 3 days and make sure your school has registered on our website.
Schools are busy, your busy, we are busy. This helps us all.

4) Sit back and take a moment to breathe. Thank you!
We will then follow up with the school and confirm a date and time (if they are interested).

A little insight as to why…When we started this, we had a feeling it wouldn’t be just us (Kat & Bodhi) who would be approaching schools. We had heard about the many barriers, disappointing conversations and 2 year waits ect. We were creating something much greater, that needed our people, the community, to back it. We realised the power would come from people like you. The passionate parents, teachers and people that had connections in schools. People that could not only see the benefit of Breathe Project but could be apart of this ‘idea’ and help revolutionise the schools. Some may say “that’s genius”, some may say “that’s crazy”. But we did it anyway (in hope) and well we must say, it is proving to be one successful approach that has not only empowered people of the community to take action but has also empowered many schools to ‘value’ their student’s and teacher’s ‘well being’ by registering. Times are changing, and so are schools. We thank you.

A little bit deeper (on a personal note)…Now Kat and I weren’t even in the system when we envisioned Breathe Project. We are not your regular school teachers. Many would say we were not in any position to make real change and that’s why when we launched this project to revolutionise education we knew it would take more than just us. But would it work? What if it flunked? What if it blew up? We would soon find out.

We had to get in quick. Help the youth right now. We have over 3 million kids enrolled in Australian schools and we can confidently say, all of these kids will experience stress and anxiety at some point in their life. Anxiety and stress seems to be rising among our kids. Can we blame it on technology? Can we blame it on the food? We can blame it on society! And guess what? We are society. So again, the power is in our hands as a collective to stand up and create change.

The scariest part in our whole start-up. It was all of the questions, advice and doubt from school teachers, friends and family. This is where we realised, that people always want to help and recommend. But it is only from their own experience and taste. For example, one person says “oh, you have to watch Point Break, you will love it”. You flick it on and hate it. One person gives you advice about traveling Europe, and all of the places you have to see. But your experience will always, yes always, differ and you may not enjoy a city that they fell in love with. One of Bodhi’s favorite quotes to live by is, listen to all, follow non.

So we continued on. Believing in this fresh approach and not letting our fears or others sway us into the old rabbit hole.

Right now we stand strong in our approach and can’t thank the people enough who have helped Breathe Project come to life. We hope to not only teach this technique to your kids but we hope that one day they come home and teach you. Because we know that you too can benefit from this one simple breathing technique. Why? Because you too are a human being.


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