Are you only working with schools?

No. Our primary focus is schools, working closely with students, teachers and parents, because we aim to have 3 minutes of breathing embedded, as a way to start the day more relaxed, focused and present. But we are not limited to keeping this in schools. We realise the benefit this can have on every single human being and their life. We have a Home Starter Pack that anybody can buy from our SHOP, which includes all the Breathe Essentials for a more relaxed state of being. Less stress please, click here.

Do you only work with public schools?

No. We work with all Australian & New Zealand schools and education institutions, government, non-government or independent.

When Breathe Project first launched, we crowd funded to reach public schools, as we wanted to standardise ‘correct breathing’ as a technique for all people of all demographics. Successfully this happened and now it’s about sharing it with all schools.

Is Breathe Project for High Schools or Primary as well?

Both. We have specifically designed Breathe Workshops for each year level. These slight changes make huge differences and enable students to engage through relatability. We say, give them a tool for life while they’re young.

How do I get Kat & Bodhi to my kid’s school?

As a parent, teacher or student, you can register your school online here.

We will email you our Breathe Info Pack to pass onto your school.

If you would like more insight into Breathe Project’s approach, check out How This Works.

Why the focus on breath with young people?

Because we wish we learned this in school. Too many young people are on medication for ‘mental disorders’ (such as anxiety), from the age of 8. Is that crazy or what? Before anxiety was a label, we called it nervousness or worry. Now these ‘mental disorders’ are more socially accepted and socially embraced (which is neither good or bad), that we are seeing more ‘I have anxiety’, more suicides and behavioural issues than ever before. With little (or no) education on emotion, mentality and practical issues of the modern day life, we feel it is essential to empower these children with something they can control and keep for life. To go through these ‘development’ years equipped with one simple (and inbuilt) technique could not only change their lives, on numerous occasions, it also helps them navigate through ‘tough times’ and always know they have a choice. A skill on how to relax is one of the most invaluable skills we can all benefit from learning.

How do we engage with youth?

We are young and passionate individuals and we put emphasis on relating to each demographic – we speak their ‘language’ and get on their level, depending on where they are in their lives. This brings the opening for change.

Mostly, they are open to the fact that we all experience stress and anxiety and they are curious to know and try our technique we offer for these challenging times.

The responses and feedback we receive from students is mind-blowing.

Why are we teaching the teachers?

This is our approach to ensure sustainability within the school system.

Teachers are in a position to be great role models for kids. Not just another ‘bossy figure’ telling them what to do but a real life inspiration passing down wisdom.

When we teach the teachers, we are not only empowering them to find peace and balance in their own lives but in their classrooms too. Given the right resources, teachers can then integrate correct breathing, expanding the impact and helping more youth for today and our future.

Can you do private family or workplace workshops?

Yes. We love to work with whole families, workplaces and other groups. We are predominantly in schools but let’s have a chat about how we could specifically support you and if we can make it happen, then we will. Connect with us by clicking here.

Be included in the Breathe Project now with our Home Starter Packs. They include everything to get you and your family or workplace stopping to breathe and finding that calm and focus again. BUY NOW

Not at school but still feel stressed or anxious?

That is natural. Yes we can help you relax too. Navigate your way to our SHOP where we have something for you. Our FREE Breathe ABC Pocketbook is a great place to start.

Jump on our social media to see when we are hosting other events in your area.



How has learning to breathe helped Bodhi & Kat personally?

Bodhi – I can now switch out of my crazy mind and drop back into my breath at any given time. I can relax much easier, especially in times when things are getting heavy. I can now sleep peacefully and take deep rest. I have built my lung capacity hugely over the past 5 years which I believe has aided in my confidence, trust and my ability to let things go, just like an exhale. I still get anxious, overwhelmed and stressed. But I’m ok with that.

On another note, I have found much more peace and aliveness inside when living close to my breath. My intuition has heightened and self-realisations have become clearer and more frequent. When I took my first deep and conscious breath I was awakened with a new power I never knew I had, which has lead me to a path of self-enquiry and a purpose to wake up each day. My vision has become clearer and I cannot seem to procrastinate anymore. I have been able to show more of myself and become more of the man I am.

Kat – Breath to me has been a powerful tool throughout my life. I first turned to my breath when I had a longing to belong and strive for connection. I continued using my breath at various stages of my life including when I’ve been unable to sleep, when I’ve been sick or totally overwhelmed with choices. I truly believe it is the foundation of our health and wellbeing – and so simple, we all have a breath!