How this works



You register your school (as a parent, teacher or local).

Within moments sitting in your inbox will be the Breathe Project Info Pack


Email or print and pass on our info pack, directly to your school Principal or Guidance/Welfare Officer ASAP.

Our time frames are tight and our spaces for schools are even tighter, so a quick and smooth process is crucial.


Your school will then need to call us directly to book their date and time.

Please follow up after 3 days to make sure the ball is rolling.


Sit back and take a moment to breathe. Thank you!

You’ve joined our mission to evolve the world – one breath at a time!

Know a school that needs this? Register today to receive the breathe project info pack.

Why we don’t approach any schools?


When we started this, we had a feeling it wouldn’t be us (Kat & Bodhi) who would be approaching schools. We know better than that and had heard about the many barriers, disappointing conversations and 2 year waits ect. We we’re creating something much greater, that needed our people, the community, to back it. We realised the power would come from people like you. The passionate parents, teachers and people that had connections in schools. People that could not only see the benefit of Breathe Project but could be apart of this ‘idea’ and help revolutionise the schools. Some may say that’s genius, some may say that’s crazy. But we did it anyway (in hope) and we’ll we must say, it is proving to be one successful approach that has not only empowered people of the community to take action but has also empowered many schools to ‘value’ their students and teachers well being by registering. Times are changing, and so are schools. Thank you.