I Call Bullshit on Anti-Bullying Schools

I Call Bullshit on Anti-Bullying Schools

Pink shirts and anti-bullying day got me fired up to write this.

How can we expect our students to STOP bullying, when we are bullies? They watch us. They watch you as their teacher, and the way you speak to them and the way you speak to yourself and others. They watch and listen. They learn. Their parents play a huge role in this too. How can we expect them to stop bullying when they are been bullied. Ways of bullying you may not think of are like, telling a kid off time and time again, and making them feel like the naughty kid. Speaking down on yourself. Mocking yourself. Mocking others. Tall poppy syndrome type bullshit. This is bullying. Are you been bullied? Bullied by your principal? Other teachers? Parents are you bullying your kids or other parents? How do you speak about yourself? And we expect them, oh no actually I have been into many schools that think they are doing the ‘right’ thing, and they tell me, oh we are an anti bullying school. Ohhhhh great. But you still make them do tests? Exams? Still compare them to other students, like one is better than the other? Bullying. Sometimes I hear teachers get up and bully their students. I’ve been witness to this many times. Like, they are small pieces of shit, and the teacher is demanding respect and speaking to them like shit. Bullying. But we are an anti-bullying school.

Now have you ever flipped the ‘negativity’ of bullying around, and looked at the positives? Like, being honest, truthful and real? For example, some kid has a big nose, and gets called elephant. Does that have to be a negative thing? Maybe in our society where people get plastic surgery or hate that their nose is too big for their face la la la la. Well in Chinese face reading, a person with a big nose is held in great respect as they have lots knowledge and are great leaders. Maybe if we taught kids to learn more about themselves they would appreciate been called elephant. Now bullying can feel terrible when your being mocked, and picked on, but does that also create a certain strength in oneself? Does bullying help guide a child towards finding their power and will. Does it support someone to find their voice? Maybe not at school but maybe later in life? Fighting each other, and being physical can also be harmful bullying. But take a look at what we are teaching them. Our school system is based on competition and comparison. Winning, loosing. Grade A and C. Even schools themselves are based on competition and comparison with other schools. “Well at our school….” It just doesn’t stop.

So who are we to celebrate anti-bullying day when we are the bully’s? Instead of all of these meaningless days been added to the calendar. How about taking responsibility ourselves and realising we are the problem and solution. That if we as role models, and examples to our youth can speak to ourselves with a little more love and honesty, that we are showing them not to bully. If we can be more encouraging to each other, that we are showing them to as well. If we can learn about our selves, our bodies shapes, faces and personalities that we can rise in love with ourselves and there for see those beautiful things in others. If we know our genius (our talent and gift) then maybe we will encourage each others genius to shine. These words by Albert Einstein is bang on the money. “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid”.

We do need radical change. And I appreciate everybody getting behind certain campaigns and certain days that raise awareness. But now it’s time for radical honesty, with ourselves. It’s time for radical change internally so we can represent the change we want to see in the world. Then there is no need for such bullshit. When we can live and breath together, we can feel more love for ourselves and each other.

There is no place for bullying when we step out of being the bully.



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