Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the most simple yet most effective ways of improving one’s overall health and wellbeing with the least amount of cost and time investment. Similar to Mindful breathing. It is one technique, simplified in three stages for depth of experience and understanding which can be easily integrated into any modern lifestyle.

We feel it’s relaxing and here is why

Research demonstrates significant body-mind changes in the simple process of diaphragmatic breathing. Each breath, millions of sensory receptors in the respiratory system send signals via the vagus nerve to the brainstem. Fast breathing pings the brain at a higher rate, triggering it to activate the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response), turning up stress hormones, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, sweat production, and anxiety. On the other hand, slowing your breathing induces the parasympathetic response (rest and digest – relaxed state), dialing down all of the above as it turns up relaxation and mental clarity.

Bluey using One Technique
Bluey using One Technique
Bluey using One Technique


  1.  Control over the breath = control over the mind

  2. Immediate relaxation – reducing stress & anxiety

  3. Enhanced state of mind – concentration and capability to make clear decisions

  4. Calms the nervous system

  5.  Improved quality of sleep

  6. Optimised overall physical health

  7.  Balanced hormones and emotions

  8. An optimal learning environment for students

  9. Supported teachers and efficient classrooms

  10.  A school full of happier, healthier and more connected people

Breathe Projects One Technique


Simple approach. Powerful outcome.

Students: Your parents and teachers are doing their best with the resources and beliefs they have. You are here to teach them. Change in your parents and teachers, starts within you.  

Teachers: You are making an impact on students’ lives every day. Whether that be positive or negative. They look up to you as a role model. Change in your classroom starts within you.

Parents: You build the foundations and values for your children. The life you lead, speaks louder than any words ever will. Change in your kids, starts within you.


Together we have an opportunity to create real change. Anxiety and stress could one day be extinct and only have a place in our history. We as human beings can work together to create the movement towards happiness, peace and freedom.


School Starter Pack

We created this Starter Pack for your school to be involved in the Breathe Project now. We’ve specifically designed and included everything to get your students, teachers and even parents stopping to breathe. ***NEW*** In-class Breathing Audio.

Home Starter Pack

We created this Starter Pack for your family (and community) to be involved in the Breathe Project now. We’ve specifically designed and included everything for you and your kids to find that calm and focus again. You can be ‘The Catalyst’ for change.

Breathe ABC Pocketbook

This is our gift to you. We believe everybody can benefit from learning to breathe correctly.

Simply download, print and follow the 
instructions to create your own pocketbook.