I love working with kids. Love hearing their responses. Love the deep chats that arise from such a simple technique. But what I love most is the unfiltered comments they make. Especially at such a young age, when there is less conditioning!

A couple weeks ago, I walked into a classroom full of grade 3 kids and said, “school is now cool”. A kid at the back jumped up and shouted “school sucks”.

Bammm. In the face. I stood there in shock. Not in shock by his behavior, but in shock of raw truth and honesty. I had to laugh out loud and agree with him.

Somedays I walk into schools and feel like I just stepped into a prison. Full of bricks, rules and fenced yards. I must say it feels liberating to be in the school but not in the system, strolling in barefoot and representing ‘freedom’. Sometimes Kat will stare at me blankly, like I have said something wrong as she tends to be more on guard than I. Teacher’s rush around, living on microwave meals and instant coffee. You may say “what a generalisation to which I reply. Yep that is generally what I see.

Parents wonder why their kid isn’t behaving or getting A’s at school. Maybe it’s because he realises how much crap is in the curriculum. Maybe he has ‘woken up’ and isn’t going to abide like a good little doggy to sit and behave. Maybe he would rather put his energy else where, but has to hide this away as this is ‘not excepted’. The funny thing is. When your on the inside you get to hear the teacher’s banter. How bulls%$t NAPLAN is or how much pressure they have and how little time they have to get through all of this ‘stuff’ in one day, term or year. Just like we all know stress and anxiety are major issues in the world today. If we were all honest we would say “school sucks”.

But the importance of education is real. To educate our kids to be themselves. Understand who they are. How money works. The value of their expression. Honesty. Kindness. Communication skills. How to deal with real life issues. There are many topics that are drop dead essential to learn from a young age. Many that the curriculum doesn’t yet value or have time for. The biggest skill we believe we can teach our kids, is how to relax.

The problem with this, is not many of their role models can(I also find it hard). In my dedication to working with children and being an example, I am in practice of how to relax. When I turn up calm and centered, the kids are calm and centered. When I turn up anxious or nervous, the kids are frantic. They smell bulls%#t before you open your mouth and when we set an example by just standing their calm. They get it.

In the name of raw truth and honesty,

Let us rise.


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