Seasons change, do we?

Seasons change, do we?

Slow down, slow down, slow down. It’s winter.

As some animals hibernate, many trees drop all their leaves, and the days get colder and darker. What do we do as human beings? How do we honour winter? Do we change as the seasons change?


As of today (1pm), the Breathe team is on a one month ‘winter break’ in honour of this season.


Of course all sorts of fears have come up, of losing momentum, not responding to emails, losing income…But we know the importance of moving with nature and not against it, so we can restore, rest, nurture ourselves, and come back stronger.  

Many say, well where are you going? But for us, this time is all about going nowhere. As we spend half the year on the road, and for the last 2. 5 years it’s been all about reaching as many kids as possible. As of today with much help from parents, teachers and principals, we have empowered 152 schools in Aus, NZ and the USA with Mindful Breathing breaks. Approx 100,000 kids. We can proudly ‘chill out’ now and take a ‘breather’ ourselves.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the aim for optimal health is to make sure you live in harmony with the seasons and we are great believers of this, but have struggled to honour this in the past. Read a great TCM winter article here


I mean, we are apart of nature, yet because of the way we are operating as a society right now it seems almost impossible to live in accordance with our environment. We are all like robots, just doing what we are told. Day in, day out, same hours, same exercise, same busy busy lives. No time for emotions, tiredness, slowing down, siestas, seasons. 

So we decided it is far more important for us as an organisation, to honour our true nature and take a winter break. Slow down, reflect, write more, have long baths, eat warmer food and dive deep into stillness and space. With absolutely no emails and no social media to distract this sacred time. 

We will be back in fullness on the 23rd of July with greater capacity to do good in the world and really create more calm, peace and connection in schools.

If you have read all the way down to here, please take the time to ask yourself how you may like to honour the winter season? How can you embrace this time of year?


When we think of winter, we feel the warmth of a fire, the smell of pumpkin soup and the aliveness of fresh morning air.

Feels good,


  • Jean Pomana
    Posted at 07:23h, 23 June Reply

    Morena Bodhi and Kat
    Wow what a fantastic way to celebrate our connectiveness ,and the winter season. together. It was a light bulb moment and one that i will join in to do as well. To be in harmony with life, within, with our natural environment with people. For me I will turn off all my devises at 7pm, do the things I like doing for me that doesn’t involve my job. Things like writing in my gratitude list for the day, reading a book of my interest, writing letters to my family and friends, spending time for my husband. Hahaha as I write this it feels like a list, i need to slow down and just stop to breath and relax. Cause this article has made me excited what am i going to do to slow down, excited me, it has lite the fire within.
    Thanks for sharing Bodhi and Kat.

    • KatAndBodhi
      Posted at 09:33h, 23 July Reply

      Kia ora Jean,
      Day one for us back in the Breathe Space after our Winter Break – it was so special to read your comment this morning, reminding us of how powerful the decision to pause was. We feel incredibly revitalised and ready (and energised) to be back.
      I hope you created the space to connect with some of those things you mentioned, good on you.
      Exhale, Kat

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