The final tour

The final tour

Stop. Bodhi stop. You’re over thinking everything. Tune back into your heart.

But I don’t know If we are going to make it through another East Coast Tour.

6 weeks in a van together, after the last two trips almost broke us apart, and definitely broke us down.

But this one will be different. Let’s make it different. Really rise up, bring more meaning to it all and have lots of fun along the way.


Great thought.


Well great concept anyway.


It started rough.

Real rough.

Kat and I were just not in sync with each other. Like riding two separate waves at the same time (or trying). We held it together though. You know, as you do when you have to co-teach and show up to the early bookings. It’s a horrible feeling, shoving it down and smiling the pretend smile. But somehow we could pull it off.

Well almost.

The awkward energy inside, started to dissipate.


We had space to breathe, and we pulled out one of our greatest techniques yet, to help us come back together (it’s not breathing this time). I wrote 11 questions about things we were just butting heads with. From, What is missing in Breathe Project for you to thrive? Do we want to grow into a big organisation, or be artists hired by other organisations? How does 2019 look for you, Breathe Project and our tours?

There were 11.

We were at Kat’s Nan and Pops down south in a place called Nicholson. Sitting around the fire, we both answered these questions in our own time and came back together.

The tension built again, and I could feel myself grappling inside.

My mind spiraling into all sorts of possible outcomes and trying to prepare (or protect) myself for the worst case scenario. Like, we are just not on the same page so let’s not work together at all.


What did we find?

As Kat read her answers, I had to smile my smirk of ‘wow, we are on the same page after all’.

Almost identical answers or similar with different words.

My ego was struggling to surrender to this outcome and I held onto the yuck feelings for a little while longer until I decided that was enough.

From this moment on we hit a whole new threshold of trust and flow.




Meeting the right people, at the right time, in the most random places.

Like what?

Ok, here’s one example.

We were parked up in Eden on the South Coast NSW, at a little (and epic) cafe called Sprout. We had taken our weeks worth of laundry to the Laundromat and it was time to nourish ourselves with a beautiful lunch.

So, we are sitting there munging out, when a man and his sweet family walk in.

He strolls straight up to us and says “ Kat, Bodhi, Breathe Project, I’m Devon and I saw your van and had just been on your website. Actually, you guys are coming to my school tomorrow. MLC Marshmead”.


That we were.


Next minute, we are at their family home hanging out, sipping tea and talking adventure, travel, kids, school and life. They invited us home to park up our van, gifted us hot showers and then took us to school on their boat in the morning. We met them, only the day before.


Trust was once again remembered and the way life flows so well when we surrender to it.


This was just 14 days into our trip, and the rest of the week was filled with laughter, joy, surf, more rad people (in Merimbula – you know who you are) and my first street work. I was out there facing one of my greatest fears, rapping, beatboxing and teaching people how to breathe better on the streets with a portable PA system and a microphone. My sign was written on the bottom of my surfboard.



We drove north. I loved Bermagui and the friendly lady at the campground counter. She loved our mission and gave us a free nights accommodation. Boom.


What happened next up in Jervis Bay will have to be told soon. You will find out, but I will share it when I am ready.


The school was radical there. Sanctuary Point Public School.  One young girl walked out with us after our day there and said “ Kat and Bodhi, can you be my teachers. I miss you already. Can you come back”. Ohhhhh. The teachers here took Mindful Breathing by the horns and have be running with it ever since. Let me link you to one of the videos they sent us just a day after our visit. Super cool (just below).

We then drove north and hung out around Thirroul, well actually spent most of our time there in the library smashing out computer work. But found it hard to concentrate with what was going on behind the scenes. That thing that happened in Jervis Bay, was driving around my mind like a Go-cart on a race track.


The tour continued, the pilgrimage, I mean. 16 days left from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast. I’m not going to carry on about every school or every thing that went on, as within 16 days we once again tossed and turned, we let go and flowed, slept anxiously, spoke over each other, watched beautiful sunsets and had two standing ovations at Lindisfarne Anglican College on the Gold Coast. We signed kids hats, had long drives with complete silence, beatboxed crazily, and made it home safe and sound.


I want to thank firstly, Maria, our third leg of the tripod. She has been holding down the fort for 6 weeks solo. All emails, enquiries and bookings are up to date! Every student at every school we visited as without your support and love, we wouldn’t be able to continue. All parents and teachers that registered and nagged their schools, trying to get us in. Whether you succeeded or not, you are a champion in our eyes and we love your dedication to bringing Mindful change. To all the random people and friends that opened up their homes for us, thank you! Those that feed us, gifted us a shower and some of your wisdom, thank you. I want to thank the people that took the leap and agreed to do a 3-minute breathing tutorial with me on the street. To our beloved Volkswagen Transporter, thank you for keeping us warm (ish), safe and in flow on the roads. We are going to miss you Van.


Until the next pilgrimage…G’day USA (yes, we are hitting the USA in September for Term 1).


Breathe deeper,


Founder & Presenter


  • Nate The Strange
    Posted at 17:41h, 23 May Reply

    What happened in Jervis Bay!!!??? Haha epic brother. Thanks for the read. Glad you guys had a good trip. Look forward to catching up now you’re back. Peace ✌️

  • Jean Pomana
    Posted at 16:29h, 23 June Reply

    Thank you for sharing this Bodhi, it touch my heart with tears of pure love and understanding. Now I know what I will do for my winter season, breath 3 minutes. Loved the honestly and what you went through, this makes connection to the heart.

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